Alison Faith Kelly

Alison_Kelly-col-sm My journey began on November 1, 1976.

On the day I was to make my appearance, my beloved Mother, on the way to the hospital, had to stop at the property of the new church being built to inform my Pastor Father, who was working on the roof.

God favored me to be born into a family who live for Him faithfully, love one another deeply, and serve others compassionately.

My life growing up was completely centered around ministry!

How honored I am to have such an amazing legacy.

My Parents (Rev. & Mrs. Wayne Ellard), Grandparents (Rev. & Mrs. E. J. Ellard) and (Rev. & Mrs. Tom G. Marshall), along with siblings and many aunts and uncles, have all served in ministry establishing and pastoring churches.

My relationship with God and desire to experience His presence comes from their example of dedicated commitment and faithful service. My greatest joy would be that my children see in me this passionate legacy of ministry and continue it in future generations.

Bridging the generation gap to create a powerful worship experience

It all started with a picture my sister had taken while on a trip to Denver. The photo was of a youth group after ice skating. I was instantly drawn to a face in the group: this quirky looking blond haired guy had bright yellow headphones on. I said, "I want to meet that guy, he looks like fun!"

We met in the spring of '92 and became instant friends! I became Mrs. Sam Kelly in 1996. He still has my heart, makes me laugh, supports my dreams and inspires me with his deep love for God and daily commitment to share his experience with others. He is truly my soul mate.

God blessed us with two blonde haired angels, Loren Elizabeth in 2000 and William Cullen in 2005. They are a source of constant joy!

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